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Anti-Aging Activities: Walking

We know that walking for healthy aging goes hand in hand. How do you bump up your daily mileage without spending hours at the track? Read on for five simple ways to increase steps throughout your day!

Is Walking Really Exercise?

While running, biking, step classes, and kickboxing all offer tremendous cardiovascular benefits, some of these more high-impact fitness activities can take longer to recover from with age. A large body of research supports the benefits of walking for healthy aging, as individuals can promote both mind and body wellness despite experiencing many aging-related changes. Experts recommend brisk walking for at least 30 minutes five days weekly to experience the circulatory, cardiovascular, and immune benefits. 

And you don’t have to do it all at once! 

The American Heart Association reports that you can incorporate this movement in five-minute increments throughout the day. While it isn’t always possible to get outside, fit a treadmill into your space, or join a gym, there are many ways to incorporate taking more steps into your day. Read on to find some simple, fun, and fulfilling ways to increase your steps and experience all the benefits of walking.

Ten Practical Ways to Take More Steps

1.   Walk, don’t run! 

When you walk, your steps are smaller than when you run. To increase your daily step count, try a nice evening walk instead or in addition to jogging or running. Try to be on time or early for appointments so you aren’t dashing to the door with giant leaps, and instead, take your time meandering and maybe even stop to smell some roses! Backtrack if you missed anything to double up the distance. 

2.   Go the Extra Mile… 

or just take some extra steps. Parking far away from the entrance of places you visit can help you add distance to your days. As long as it is daytime or a well-lit, safe parking lot, enjoy how the extra steps to and from the front door help you step it up! Speaking of safety, walking with a friend or using a communication plan is always recommended!

3.   Take the Stairs

This might seem like a no-brainer, but this isn’t just for a two- or three-story staircase. No matter the level, be prepared to climb the stairs to move the digits on your step tracker, even if you must climb ten stories! It’s an excellent exercise for the glute muscles, too! Make sure to align your body and squeeze that rear end!

4.   Clean Freak

Take this opportunity to benefit from cleaner surroundings by vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, making beds, or any other household task that requires you to move your feet. Multiple trips up and down the stairs or outside to shake the rug add more steps. See how many extra strides you can add with each household task!

5.   Scenic Route

Are there any places you usually drive to where you could travel on foot? Think about the maximum radius you are willing to stroll around town, and then commit to planning the time for walking instead of using a vehicle. Walking somewhere is another opportunity to include a neighbor, pet, or friend on your walk. Achieve a brisk, healthy walking pace if you can easily converse with your pal. 

6.   Set a Date

The “Use it or Lose it” study found that using a buddy system can be beneficial for maintaining exercise routines. Setting up regular walks with a friend or family member is a great way to ensure consistency. Even if you don’t have someone close by to walk with physically, you can always have an online accountability partner or chat on the phone with a long-distance friend during your walks. It’s excellent also to share the benefits of walking with someone else!

7.   Get a Step Tracker 

There are so many options for step trackers, such as fitness watches, phone apps, and small devices you can attach to your clothing. Many interactive maps also allow you to trace a route to determine how far you have trod. However you might choose to do it, using a device to monitor the steps taken can be a great way to boost your daily digits. 

8.   Offer a Helping Hand

Perhaps someone you know needs help getting their mail, shoveling their driveway, or bringing up the trash cans. Look around your neighborhood or check with friends to see if anyone could assist with daily tasks. This can also help integrate more walking into your routine since you want to honor your commitment!

9.   Pet Friendly

Do you have a friend, family member, or neighbor with a pet that might need extra walks? They may work long days, have had some medical concerns recently, or just need a break. Offer to walk Fido a couple of days a week for someone and get the health benefits of walking while doing a good deed!

10.   Keep Track 

Often, the act of keeping data is enough to help with motivation. Find a tracker online, like this one, or use your planner or notes on your phone. Celebrate small victories or set goals for how many steps, miles, or minutes you want to log. 

The Final Word

Walking is an excellent exercise for almost everyone. It can be done alone, with a group, or even with a furry friend. People can dress for practically any type of weather. There are always benefits to moving your body; these tips should help you bump up how many steps you take! The wellness benefits are a bonus that will keep you going. 

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