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Meet Bryan Johnson – The Man Reversing Aging

Meet Bryan Johnson – The Man Reversing Aging. While so many of us over the age of 40 are looking for ways to slow down and even stop the hands of time, there are many of us who have become committed to discovering ways to reverse the aging process.  

We have gained greater insights and understanding with the plethora of research, products and options, we are living in an exciting and pivotal time period.  And, it is only getting better and better.

One of the best examples is a man who is so passionate and determined to find a way achieve this goal he hires 30 physicians to monitor his bodily functions and oversee his daily anti-aging or reverse aging regimen.  His name is Bryan Johnson. If you are not familiar with him, Bryan Johnson is a 45 year old wealthy software entrepreneur who invented Braintree Venmo, now most commonly known as “Venmo” which he sold to PayPal in 2013 for 800 million dollars.

Bryan Johnson is the Founder/CEO of Blueprint.  He is considered one of the “world’s most measured humans”.  Dubbed “Project Blueprint”, Johnson has achieved metabolic health equal to the top 1.5% of all 18-year old’s.  His inflammation levels are 66% lower than an average 10-year-old, and the most extraordinary achievement of all is the fact that has reduced his speed of aging by the equivalent of 31 years.  And, all of this has been achieved over the last two years.

Project Blueprint

Johnson discusses his purpose behind creating Project Blueprint.  While it appears and it is a program about health, wellness and aging, however, the generation of the system took hold for him as a means to find peace within himself.  He suggests that all humans are prone to self-destructive behaviors such as eating too much and eating the wrong kinds of foods, engaging in drinking excess amounts of alcohol and ingesting other substances.  

As you might imagine, these practices lead to inadequate sleep and lead to accelerated disease and aging.  Bryan’s idea was to eliminate self-destructive behaviors so he could allow his own body’s organs and biological processes to “speak for themselves” through the act of measurements in order to achieve their ideal state.  He says that he has experienced misalignment of his own health and fitness goals suffering from disruptive sleep and ruining all areas of his life.  He could not stop himself these self-destructive behaviors.  In fact, prior to creating Project Blueprint, Bryan Johnson battled chronic depression and suicidal thoughts.

He goes on to share that through creating a step-by-step approach of a vegan and caloric intake diet, a supplement regimen and targeted exercises with work out routines.  Bryan Johnson is able to track measurements according to his application of his strict routine.  Johnson states he feels “liberated”.  He says, “I feel happier, more alive and more fulfilled than any other time before”, and, “I am nicer to those around me, no longer irritable and my mind is clear”.

Johnson shares on his Blueprint website, Blueprint, his protocols and information are made readily available with no fees as he explains his mission is for all of us to achieve peace within ourselves and outside of ourselves so we may connect with the world at large in an effort to become the best possible experience.

All in all, Bryan Johnson has two years of measuring results and has spent millions of dollars developing Project Blueprint.  Currently he spends two million dollars a year on the study of reverse aging or anti-aging which focuses on using himself to record the results.   The 30 physicians he’s hired are charged to oversee his progress to assist in with each and every test.  

In 2021, Bryan Johnson reduced his epigenetic (the study of how your behaviors alongside your environment to affect the way your genes work) age by 5.1 years in 7 months setting a world record.  In 2022, he was ranked #1 out of 1,750 people who were tracking their speed of aging.  And, most recently, in 2023, he launched the Rejuvenation Olympics, a leaderboard or competition to assess the rate of speed one ages using DNA in relation to metabolism, cellular growth and tissue repair.  He calls himself a professional rejuvenation athlete. You can sign up to see how you rank, Rejuvenation Olympics

Daily Supplemental Intake:

Bryan Johnson consumes 104 supplements daily, vitamins and minerals.  He says his goal is “perfect nutrition”.  His objective is to maximally slow the speed of his biological aging.  His goal is, as one year of chronological time passes; his biological age stays the same.  He is vegan and adheres to a strict caloric daily intake.  And, he logs scientific evidence and measurements with near immediate awareness.

His results reveal one can be younger than their chronological age through his protocols and processes.

From what you have gleaned in reading this article focused on anti-aging, slowing the aging process or reversing aging, Bryan Johnson, no doubt, is an extraordinary human being.  

And, what makes him extraordinary is commitment to learning how to scientifically measure turning the possibilities to probabilities in the subject matter of slowing down the aging process, which, come on, interests most every human living on this planet.  And, the fact he is giving away his secrets and information to help as many people as possible.  He is learning and growing as we are all doing every day which points to a level of humility we can stand to gain through his example.

All of his research points to how we address neuro brain functions such as memory loss and loss, sleep loss or insomnia, joint flexibility and mobility, as well as, anti-anxiety or stress support. 

What if you could find a supplement system program which encompasses many and most of the 104 supplements Bryan Johnson takes daily but you only have to take two per day?  That is a pretty easy to answer.  Of course, you would.  

Many of us have the desires and goals that Bryan has been working towards over the years.  And, Bryan has supercharged and motivated a whole lot of people to action.  However, we may not all be ready to take the steps Bryan has taken to reach the level of anti-aging and reverse aging to the degree he has.  

Perhaps, it is a matter of time with regards to one’s daily schedule and/or resources which equates to the funding of such an intense program, however, one can still achieve noticeable and satisfying results within a short period of time.  

Meet Bryan Johnson – The Man Reversing Aging continued..

There are options available coupled with the invaluable knowledge of Bryan Johnson’s passion Project Blueprint. One now can make immeasurable stride’s to protecting themselves from physical, mental, psychological and spiritual decline. The consequences are due to energy loss, memory loss, joint immobility, anxiety disorders, by replicating a similar approach by following a stellar high grade, fresh, and clean supplement program.  

Have you ever wondered if there might be a chance you can stop the clock on your aging process?  Have you been living with aches and pains? What would you do to live pain free where what you would love most is to be able to pick up your child, your grandchild, or just be able to carry a bag of groceries from your car into your house without feeling stiff in your knees or straining your ligaments in your back.

There is a popular term to describe how one improve their capabilities called, “Biohacking”.

What is Biohacking?  Biohacking is a term which involves a DIY approach to making incremental changes to your body and your mind so you will feel better, be better and live your best life.  

We are introducing the concept of biohacking for the purpose of allowing one to build their confidence to take small strides with these physical changes.  These are tiny but noticeable changes which will likely stick and become imbedded into a person’s lifestyle easily and effortlessly. 

For example, intermittent fasting is a form of biohacking.  While this has been around for years, it is a great way to change the body’s DNA and help restore and increase cellular growth and health.  

Another example of biohacking is the focus of this article, Bryan Johnson and his Project Blueprint program which is slowing down the aging process or reverse aging.  

We can start making small, incremental changes to our body and brain by introducing a supplement system backed by over 300 individual studies and aligns with Bryan Johnson’s Project Blueprint. 

As mentioned, Bryan Johnson takes 104 supplements daily.  With three of the most high-grade supplement systems available on the market today, Bu Renewed Age Well SystemWell Being System; and, Stay Sharp System, your body and mind will be boosted to receive the benefits in which over 300 studies have shown can slow down the aging process and, contribute to anti-aging or reverse aging.

In the Age Well System, Stage 1, it slows aging and cell decline via toxin protection, you look and feel healthier improving your cell and skin aging and it provides energy and alertness, warding off fatigue with better mitochondrial function.  This formula features the power of CoQ10. 

With the Stage 2 formula offering joint, ligament, vitality and inflammation support to increase your mobility regardless how well you move. In addition, it stimulates weight management lowering inflammation for improved body toning.

The Well Being System Stage 1 is on hand to have you stay on top no matter what life throws at you.  It supports you to live stress-free and to find your joy in the precious moments of your day.  It helps you with stress support, anxiety and provides calm.  

Stage 2 allows you to wind down and get a good night’s sleep and to wake up refreshed and ready to start your new day with energy and vitality.

The Stay Sharp System Stage 1 Neuro Complex elevates your mental clarity.  It is a full-spectrum Nootropic formula. This means the ingredients positivity affects brain function to help with focus, clearing away brain fog, as well as, giving you greater mental energy. You will enjoy confidence of improved verbal fluency and memory recall.  

Stage 2 formula is the Exec B Complex for ongoing cognitive support to keep you sharper for longer.  It is an advanced vitamin and mineral nutrient stack with focus on providing long-term brain health benefits to you mentally faster and sharper for longer periods of time.  The Stay Sharp System will have you feeling happy, calm and in control.

At the heart of Bu Renewed is its founder, Heidi Beyer, a successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping others refine their mind and body to create ease and effortlessness in their daily lives.  

By incorporating simple approaches to self-care such as providing your body and mind with valuable plants, vitamins and minerals, you position yourself to be in control of you rather than not being prepared for circumstances which may arise.   

Whether you are experiencing being overwhelmed or stress, how do you not get down on yourself for not making the best choices in the moment?  The key is how do you allow yourself to just do the best you can in any given situation.  

If, for example, you find yourself in a bit of physical pain, what is the easiest thing you can do for yourself?  Perhaps, it’s as simple pouring yourself a glass of water or calling a friend to see how they are doing today. If you distract yourself from yourself, from your mind, the pain will dissolve.  

Bu Renewed Age Well System, Well Being System and Stay Sharp System supports and nourishes your body and mind to be their optimal self.  Be your best self. Meet Bryan Johnson – The Man Reversing Aging. He has encouraged many people in their quest for finding “the fountain of youth”.  May you be inspired to change your life.  You are worth it.

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